5 quick tips for a powerful mind

I firmly believe that true coaching is focused mainly on the mental aspect of running a business. Don’t get me wrong, skills are very important and should be practiced incessantly, but mastering skills does not guarantee success. Far from it. Some of the most highly skilled people I have met were unable to sustain success due to crucial mental lapses. I would like to share with you five tips that can lay a foundation for a powerful mind.

A. Success & failure is in your head – it is a scary notion, but you alone control your destiny. It is scary because it forces us to assume full responsibility over our actions and intents. It also means that we must pay substantial attention to our state of mind and continue to nurture our thought process. We must accept the truth of a self-fulfilling prophecy – if we expect failure – it will come. If we prime our mind towards success – we could enjoy the positive feeling of the Pygmalion effect.
When Yoda trained Luke to become a Jedi knight he sent him into a dark cave. “What’s in there?” Asked Luke. “Only what you bring with you” answered Yoda. Remember this full well as you drive to your next listing presentation. Fear and negativity are the sires of bad results.

B. The bubble mentality – in order to keep your mind sharp and focused, you must find a method to filter out one of the most dangerous distractions to the clear mind – the opinions of others. People around you don’t necessarily have your best interest in mind, at least not in a purely altruistic manner. And these people feel free to share their opinions with you, their advice and experience, although quite often this is not the voice you need to hear. It’s the voice that tells you what you can’t do, what others have tried and failed, what shouldn’t even be attempted.
So what we need to do is construct a mental bubble. No one gets into the bubble except people whom we know for sure have no ulterior motives and are 100% in our corner. All other opinions just bounce against the outer shell of the bubble and never penetrate our thoughts. We only truly listen to the selected few (usually only immediate family) that are in the bubble. The rest are background noise.

C. Replace “why not” with “oh yes” – I can give you an easy challenge: identify every new habit or behavior you should acquire in order to succeed in real estate, and find at least 5 reasons why not to do it. I bet it takes you less than 60 seconds. When we train people to use door knocking as part of their geo-farm marketing, they can easily find 10 reasons not to do it…
But the successful mind always looks for one great reason to do something, not the easy route to find negatives. So for example, no to door knocking: it’s tiring, the weather is too hot/cold, it’s embarrassing and much more… That’s the voice of the feeble mind. It’s a proven way to generate high quality sellers’ leads and increase geo-farm awareness – that’s the only “oh yes” rationalization the powerful mind needs. And focused thought + positive beliefs lead to resonant action.

D. No excuses – absolutely refuse to accept any outside factor as a reason for your lack of success. It’s not the neighborhood, it’s not the economy, it’s not the other agents and it’s not the position of Mercury under the horizon of Venus. It’s you. There’s a big difference between reasons and excuses. Reasons drive us to analyze a certain situation (the market is in recession, local currency is depreciating), and offer a course of action in response (great opportunity for foreign investors to buy low). Excuses lead to passive deflation, depression and giving up. And that’s definitely not what we do!

E. WHY power – at the end of the day, we all face challenges, adversity and breaking points in this business. As the great philosopher Mike Tyson once said: They all have a plan, until they get punched in the face…” – so we are all going to need to draw on the strength of our mind in order to succeed. A great mechanism that can assist us with finding our inner power is clearly defining our why power. Simply put, this means articulating the reason we do what we do, the why behind our drive to success. Not what we wish to buy, not how we plan to get there, but rather why we want to succeed. What would success mean to us, why did we get into this business in the first place. And like Jim Collins says in From Good to Great – money is never the real answer for the real successful businesses. Find your true why, and channel it when you’re really up against it.

Read these 5 tips. Read them again. Apply, practice and memorize daily. Help yourself shape the mentally tough unbreakable mind.