About Me

This section of the website feels awkward to me, as I firmly believe that at the heart of training is the audience, and the focus of the coaching process is always the person being coached – but since I’m not known enough to simply assume that you know who I am… Well, this part will offer you further insight, and I definitely hope that we can do things together in the near future!!

My Résumé

In the name of complete transparency, feel free to look over my résumé – I limited the information presented here to pertinent real estate coaching and training activities, yet if you desire to know more – my life is an open book!! My professional experience: International Trainer & Speaker RE/MAX April 2012 – Present Training real …

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Recent events

I have been lucky to meet so many great people through my trainings, draw inspiration from magical places and experience unique moments of fun, learning and engagement. These picture galleries try to capture to essence of the various events – I’m grateful for each and every one of them!! Recent events & appearances: 2012 – …

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My Trainings

In addition to personal coaching, reaching a large audience is always a proven way of motivating and inspiring change. Whether it’s a one-hour session, a two-hour keynote speech, or full-day seminars, I enjoy combining practical hands-on content with fundamental business management skills and mind-set, in order to make a difference and influence fellow real estate …

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My referrals

It is with humility and a sense of gratitude that I share with you a selection of referrals I received from great people I had the privilege of working with: RE/MAX Israel is one of the most successful RE/MAX regions throughout our network. One of the reasons is because Gil Li-ran is responsible for much …

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