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My referrals

It is with humility and a sense of gratitude that I share with you a selection of referrals I received from great people I had the privilege of working with:

RE/MAX Israel is one of the most successful RE/MAX regions throughout our network. One of the reasons is because Gil Li-ran is responsible for much of the training of the Brokers and Sales Associates.

Gil’s ability to connect with his audience in addition to his exceptional content has raised the productivity of the RE/MAX Israel membership. The people trained by Gil are some of the most productive and they use the most cutting edge techniques to provide exceptional service.

I highly recommend Gil for any real estate, motivational and business planning training for RE/MAX professionals around the world.
Larry Oberly, VP at RE/MAX LLC

Gil and I have had the pleasure of working together several times over the years. His innovative approach as a trainer and speaker allows others to quickly embrace and apply the material in their own business. Gil is a dynamic and confident presenter. He delivers his presentations with humor and “real life” experience, and is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Gil as a speaker for any conference.
Judy Ladeur, international coach and trainer

Dear Gil,
Many thanks for your e-mail, the presentation and your encouragement.
If you plan any other trips to Vienna – please let me know.
as you advised us I am sending you my personal GOAL 3 for this year = 600 meetings.
I would like to thank you for your great presentation.
I think it is good to check form time to time that we follow your advice.
It will be a great pleasure to meet you again.
Best wishes for successful business.
Diana Boal, RE/MAX Elite, Austria

Your presentation on the convention was great. I would be happy to prepare a training with you in Slovenia. I visited your web page…a lot of useful information! I will promote it within our agents if that’s ok with you.
Janja Ceh Horvat, RE/MAX Slovenia

Thank You, Gil for your motivation and good presentation!
We will do a small meeting/workshop with a rest of RE/MAX Central agents next week
and we will share all ideas and good tips we got in Vienna.
Including your website
Leena Kreitner, RE/MAX Central, Estonia

First of all I want to thank you for great 1 hour with your presentation Taking your business to the next level. It was simply great. A lot of great ideas. You inspired me and immediately after come back from Vienna a set up my goals and I think I am re-starting my business career… Simply said … My new goal is 5 more higher than the result I reached until today.
Jan Kankovsky, RE/MAX Prague

Our Estonian team would really like to praise and say good words about Gil Liran training that was on 14th of September in Room 1. Even more, we are thinking that it was the best part and training in your Convention. If there is anyone we should maybe mention it to, then please let us know and we will do that. So maybe next year he can make his presentation on the big stage already cause he really was speaking very logic and important information that helped our agents a lot.
Kaidi Kinkar, RE/MAX Estonia

Hi Gil!
I hope you are well and that you had a good trip home.
As I mentioned to you on Friday after the convention, you made a great presentation and I would like to congratulate you again.
As the subject line of this email stipulates, I would like to receive your presentation and also your excel file which you were talking about during your speech.
Britta Moers, RE/MAX Europe

Hi Gil.
Thank you for your great training in Vienna.
Is it possible to get your presentation slides from you?
Pasi Aalto, RE/MAX Finland

Hello Gil, thank you once again for a wonderful convention, thanks for all the knowledge you have bestowed on us.
Remigiusz Giniewicz, RE/MAX Poland

Hey Gil!
I want to thank you for everything you have done in Gniew in Poland. Thanks for the knowledge i have done my fanpage in facebook, and my website which is connected to the fanpage. Here you can see it!
 Dominik Stodolny, RE/MAX Poland

Gil is a talented trainer and speaker and has great ability in getting his message across. going into great details as well. Gil is a great asset to RE/MAX.
Mark Fisher, private business consultant

Dear Gil,
Thank you very much for making special efforts to become an integral part of our convention…we all loved your company and all your presentations and look forward to many such interactions in the near future!
Thanks and regards,
Sam Chopra (Master Franchise Owner – RE/MAX India)

Dear Gil,

THANK YOU! – from all our Romanian team 🙂
It was an extraordinary training and this experience with you it’s a first step in changing how real estate is made in Romania.

Razvan Cuc, regional owner, RE/MAX Romania

@CwithRE: Best breakout session so far w/ @remax dynamic speaker @GilLiran #remaxr4 #leadership http://t.co/DualZtvJiZ
Chantelle Limon

Gil, you really touched my soul today, inspired me, giving me the motivation that got into my blood…thank you!
I wish you “leave your mark” as you hope on this simple, but exotic planet! 🙂
Mihaela Balion, RE/MAX Properties, Bucharest

I love Gil! He’s a magician in front of the audience!
The information is structured that way that everybody to understand the message! He brings ”a lot of plus” to the agents and broker/owners that participate to this training course.
I’ve seen him very focused two days in a row, days in which he speaks all the time from the morning until the evening at a full concentration. And all the audience follows him very interested because in every second Gil can give them an idea that can revolutionize their business.
I appreciate also that he is fighting to grow the image of the real estate consultants all over the world.
He is doing a great job!
Paul Muresan, Franchise sales manager, RE/MAX Romania

Your the man! Awesome training..!! Really honestly from my heart and my friends and colleagues too.!!!
We truly enjoyed every minute of your training sessions and look forward to meeting you again sometime in the near future.. All the best to you and your family and for sure will stay in touch and any links, stories, news, vital info, please send to me… I just arrived home about an hour ago, and just telling my wife all about you and the convention.
Gregory White, Broker owner, RE/MAX Thailand

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come teach us. I was able to take a lot out of your sessions, and learn quite a bit about. I will definitely be using the content provided on your website to increase my business.
The next time I have the chance to visit with you, I will have some success stories to share all thanks to your training sessions.
It was great meeting you as well. We are all waiting for your visit here in Osaka!
Michael Bennett, Agent, RE/MAX Four Aces, Osaka

It has been a great learning experience and I feel blessed to have attended a few of your classes at the convention.
Thank you for sharing generously. I am definitely inspired to leave my mark in the Malaysian real estate industry.
Amanda Goh, CFO, RE/MAX Malaysia

It was an honour for me to attend your class. You’re Great!!.
Hope you dont mind if someday I ask you about training material since Im the one who in charge in Training & Development in our office.
I have to learn much more from you.
Again..thank your for your inspiring class..
Rina Satriani, Training & development, RE/MAX Indonesia

Thanks again for the amazing training.
Going to use the weekend to go over the slides again and again and again 🙂
I’m sure it is going to be a great help to make our office grow to a mega office.
Gerard Kampijon, Broker owner, RE/MAX Multi Makelaars, Holland

Thanks for today. It was awesome! You are inspiring and give motivation.
Hope to see you again soon
Angelo van der Heiden, Agent, RE/MAX Adviseurs, Holland

I`m very happy because I participated at your training but more important for me is that I got to know a wonderful man,energetic, cheerful and passionate about his job.I want to thank you for the materials and I look forward to your return in Romania.
Alin Moldovan, Broker owner, RE/MAX Premium, Romania

It was a privilege, as always 😊.
I like people that make my life easier😉
I promise your trainings are beeing put into action as we speek😎 .
I am going to a signing today and one of my Girls is preparing the cups and the framed pictures ( with meaning😊 for each of them). I’ll send you Photos.
So I am Happy to report you… are leaving a mark 😊
Ramona Monica Andreica, AXA Domenii, Romania

Hi Gil
Thank you for great training day, for sure the best I have had 🙂
Pille Sild, Broker Owner, RE/MAX Capital, Estonia

Hi Gil,
Thank You again for super motivating training yesterday!
Karel Riitsalu, Agent, RE/MAX Capital, Estonia