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My Trainings

In addition to personal coaching, reaching a large audience is always a proven way of motivating and inspiring change.
Whether it’s a one-hour session, a two-hour keynote speech, or full-day seminars, I enjoy combining practical hands-on content with fundamental business management skills and mind-set, in order to make a difference and influence fellow real estate professionals.
I invite you to glance at a selection from the subject I deliver:


Est. duration Description Course Name
T.I.P.P. – The core four elements of the super agents A highly motivational session including videos – how to set up the four core pillars of your business and strive for everyday greatness, while utilizing the TIPP for success! 60 minutes
Mental Management How to prepare yourself to be the best realtor possible. Working on your state-of-mind and attitude. Pratical tools for mental toughness. 120 minutes
Become the Trusted Advior Make the crucial leap from salesperson to the number one address for all the real estate needs of your clients. Learn 3 important marketing techniques to achieve that goal. 90 minutes
Inspire Yourself A quick and practical session on the importance of external inspiration, how to construct a solid mental attitude, and of course a few practical hands-on activities for immediate implementation. 60 minutes
Best Practices of the Best Agents Learn what the best agents do to become great. Tips ranging from lead generation to listing presentations to advanced marketing. 60 minutes
Lead Generation 10 different techniques to control the flow of leads into your business. How to maximize the potential of your business and create a lasting “Town Square” of leads 150 minutes
Listing Presentations Tips and tricks on how to create and deliver a killer presentation and get the exclusive contract. Selling your service to the reluctant home owner. 120 minutes
Building Rapport 4 different techniques on how to build rapport with clients, focusing on listing presentations. 90 minutes
Handling objections 13 different objection-handling techniques + practice, including the all important exclusivity objections and commission objections. 180 minutes
Pricing & Price Reductions How to price a property for successful marketing, how to construct a strong CMA, how to sell that price to the owner, how to get price reductions. 120 minutes
Show less, sell more – The art of managing buyers Taking care of buyers from the initial pre-qualifying, through powerful showings, and all the way to price offers and negotiations. 120 minutes
Advanced Self Marketing Looking up to the next level of self-promotion, thinking outside the box about the next level of recognition and branding. 60 minutes
Business Self-Analysis Holding a mirror to your own business. Learning different tools and parameters in order to estimate your performance and re-focus on areas of need. 90 minutes
Going viral in 6 Simple STEPPS Learn how to create viral messages that become word-of-mouth recommendations and increased brand awareness for your business. Viral does not mean only digital – learn how to get people talking about you, not just posting about you… 60 minutes
Social Media Training How to dominate the web. Starting from Google, and all the way through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WordPress, Landing pages and minisites and much more! Full day
The Ultimate Internet Marketing Strategy Guide A simple plan of attack – how to tackle the intimidating world of social media by creating a clear strategy based on specific goals, and how to implement the appropriate marketing arms in order to fulfiil the strategy. 120 minutes
The retention ECO system Retaining agents is one of our biggest challenges, as productive agents are the foundation of the road to profitability. There are three different stages in retention, as this workshop will teach you on your way to a bigger office! 90 minutes
Recruiting Techniques For brokers – various avenues to generate leads for recruiting and increase the candidates pool. 90 minutes
60 Minutes For brokers – how to run a knock-out 60 minutes, how to sell the profession to your candidates. 90 minutes
Advanced Leadership for Leaders For brokers – how to lead your agents to higher productivity, run empowering staff meetings, train and mentor your agents and more. 60 minutes
To be a Star 9 stages in becoming a real estate superstar – an inspirational session to get the adrenaline pumping!! 60 minutes
The Three Towers A powerful session combining the practical and the inspirational, touching on the 3 towers that drive your business: marketing, sales and mental toughness. 120 minutes
Exceptional Service = Exceptional Results Differentiate and position your business through total commitment to exceptional service, delivering the WOW effect to your clients. Learn how to manage & execute a service-oriented business. 120 minutes
The Pure Power of Dedicated Drive An intense motivational hour, using examples and inspiration from many fields, focusing on the common traits of successful people, and the superior power of dedicated drive. 60 minutes
Market Master Introduction to the ultimate training & mentoring program for brokers, including 2 complete run-throughs of lesson plans.
Unforgettable Firsts Remain forever in the hearts of your customers through a powerful process of creating unique first-time experiences with lasting effect! 90 minutes
The Service State of Mind Embrace a complete & dominant business outlook, focusing on doubling your business via total commitment to unusual service! 90 minutes


You may also want to leaf through a sample presentation I delivered at the RE/MAX European Convention in Vienna. Feel free to use its content, free of charge or copyright!