The difference between SEO & PPC

Google buzzwords are everywhere these days, and with the company making a super successful move into the world of mobile phones, this trend will just grow bigger. Yet there is one concept that is as relevant as it is confusing which remains pertinent to everything we do online.

So what is SEO as opposed to PPC?
Well, as you know, it’s all about search engines juice and the holy grail of search results – the first page of Google. Many statistics validate the perception that if you are not on the first page of a certain search, you don’t really exist. Very few people bother to flip to the second or third pages of results.
But how do we get to be on this elusive first page?
Google’s search results page shows 10 organic results and a few sponsored results, depending on the amount of advertisers. In order to get into the top 10 organic results you must meet certain standards that comprise the famous Google algorithm. You cannot buy your organic ranking – it is decided by the Google engine, factoring many parameters. That is what SEO is about – Search Engine Optimization. How to construct a powerful website, how to generate relevant content, how to adapt to mobile environment – all these things can contribute to your site’s ranking, and fall under the category of SEO. So while you cannot buy organic ranking, it definitely costs money to make sure that your site adheres to the Google standards and performs at its best abilities.

But while having SEO done to your site at the highest level is quite clearly crucial to your success, there is still room for only 10 results on the first page… What if you just can’t crack it? We still need the business, we still require the traffic. That’s where PPC, or Pay Per Click, comes into the picture.

Google allows you to buy your way onto the first page by launching a PPC campaign. Via Google AdWords, you will choose the relevant keywords and phrases you wish to target, the budget you are willing to allocate, the copy of your ads and the destination URL for anyone who clicks your ad. Doing so will potentially allow you to generate traffic to your site, based of course on the response rate of the users who actually see your ads.

While you have complete control over your budget, with a daily cut-off point if you wish, it is important to remember that advertising on Google is basically a bidding war. In order to appear consistently in the sponsored search results you will need to outbid your competition for the chosen keywords or phrases.

To summarize – organic juice is always superior to any other form of internet promotion. If your site is firmly entrenched on the first page of organic results on Google – good for you! However, if you’re looking for quick results and immediate traffic (and your site isn’t powerful enough to crack the first page organically) – PPC is a great and proven system to generate results.