How to use Facebook for referrals?

Facebook is a powerful tool when used correctly. Its primary use for your business should revolve around the opportunity and ability to connect with people and engage your community and database. However, there is one definite practical value to Facebook that can substantially increase your business – generating referrals.

How do real estate agents choose a colleague for a referral? Well, personal acquaintance and previous experience is always the best, as is word of mouth and recommendations. But, if I have a client to refer to an area I’m less familiar with, I will usually gravitate towards the agents that seem to me as the best in that location.

Facebook is a great medium to consolidate your branding as a market leader in a certain area by following a few simple steps. The key issue is how to upload content to Facebook that is relevant and interesting to other agents, while letting them know that you are the perfect address for their referrals. This is how it’s done:

  • Upload “SOLD” posts – it can be a photo of you replacing the “For sale” sign with a “Sold”. It can be a photo of you holding a “Sold” sign. It can be a photo of you and the sellers and/or buyers at the signing of the sale contract (highly recommended by the way). It can even be a video of you talking about the latest sale. Whatever it is – make sure everyone knows you just sold another listing.
  • “SOLD” story – share a written post about your latest sale. Write about the people, not about your success and how great you are. It’s not about you selling another house, it’s about people realizing their dream of relocating.
  • Letters of recommendation – post letters of recommendation from satisfied customers (advantage to hand written notes). Make sure that you put an emphasis on your gratitude for those clients. It’s not about them celebrating you – it’s about you celebrating the opportunity to serve and make people happy.
  • Testimonial videos – if you have customers that will play along, nothing beats a real live person speaking about the experience of working with you for 90 seconds on a YouTube video!

Stick to this system of consistent posting, and you will become known by other real estate professinoal as the agent of choice in your area, and a great target for their next referral!!