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Cool websites

The infinite world of the internet provides quite a few useful websites for real estate professionals who desire to enhance their business management and sales skills, while at the same time not enslaving the agent to the computer. Scroll down to view a quick list of some very cool websites that can assist your business, or read specific articles that describe more in detail the recommended usage of each site, quite often with a tutorial video.


  • Key tips for choosing an e-mail marketing provider
    Marketing via e-mails has gained some degree of notoriety over the years, with a wide belief that it may be a medium of the past, often confused with spam and the overloading of our short attention span to the large number of e-mails we receive. However, it is proven that e-mails marketing works when it …
  • How and when to use QR codes?
    QR, or Quick Response codes, are those bar codes we often see printed on various marketing pieces, and if you are anything like me, I’m sure you assume that no one ever bothers to actually scan them. However, that is not quite true. While scanning QRs does require a bit of technological knowledge and a …

Some cool websites:

  1. www.prezi.com – a super cool presentation tool with complete matching interface for tablets, this website allows you to create online presentations using smooth movement and transition effects, easy embedding of images and videos, and the ability to access your presentation from everywhere, share it, or display on various platforms.
  2. www.qrstuff.com– one of the best websites for generating QR’s, or Quick Response bar codes. This websites gives you the ability to intuitively code numerous destinations into the QR, such as URL, Facebook or Twitter user, SMS message, E-mail message including subject line and recipient address and much more – for free. Naturally you can save your final QR and have it printed, posted or any other distribution media of your choosing.
  3. www.viewbix.com– this website lets you customize your YouTube video before embedding it onto your website. You can add branding, action buttons such as map, contact us and so on, and details and information. The free version gives you access to quite a few features, while the paid version is really robust if you like what this website gives you.
  4. www.vtubetools.com – a simple website that allows you to change the default parameters of a YouTube video before you embed it. Have you ever wanted to get rid of the suggested videos section at the end of the video? Would you like the video to auto play immediately when the visitor loads the page? These options and many more can be easily manipulated through this site.
  5. www.seositecheckup.com – a nice tool for non-expert users to monitor the SEO prowess of their website. Any serious web owner should be concerned about the performance level not only of their site, but also of their SEO company, in charge of promoting the site organically. This tool will create a free report for you, comprised of many important SEO parameters, which can give you an understanding of the strength of your site.
  6. www.vertain.com – an easy test to check the response and loading time of your website. The website runs a test and loads a page of your choosing, while displaying the final load time result – as compared to other benchmark websites such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and so on.
  7. www.activetrail.com – one of quite a few marketing websites that present a simple, yet highly powerful, interface for reaching out to our mailing lists. This site lets you easily create e-mail newsletters with the ability to A/B test, run a drip campaign, create triggered response e-mails and much more. The site also offers an SMS service, and a clean interface for creating landing pages.
  8. www.slideshark.com – want to show your PowerPoint presentations on a mobile device or a tablet? This quick website is just for you. Simply create a free Slideshark account, upload your presentations, then download the Slideshark app to your mobile device and sync. You will be able to easily access and present your presentations from any device!

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