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Facebook has taken the social media by storm, and today plays a key role in business promotion applications. However, when managed wrongly, Facebook can be extremely time-consuming and disappointing as far as productive results.


  • How to use Facebook for referrals?
    Facebook is a powerful tool when used correctly. Its primary use for your business should revolve around the opportunity and ability to connect with people and engage your community and database. However, there is one definite practical value to Facebook that can substantially increase your business – generating referrals. How do real estate agents choose …

So how can I help you with Facebook?

  1. Strategy – It is very important to understand what are you using Facebook for? What is the end game? Are we trying to promote listings? That’s a possible strategy, though maybe not the most viable one. Are we trying to generate referrals? Well, in that case Facebook could be an amazing tool for us.
    And what about just maintaining a constant relationship with our various audiences, customers, colleagues, spheres of influence? We can get a lot out of this social media giant, if we strategize.
  2. Time management – yes, Facebook is important, but it can also be time-consuming. As a real estate professional, your time should be dedicated to as much face time with customers as possible. Spending too much time on the computer is not conducive to good business. While engaging with people via Facebook can be very effective, you should probably outsource more elaborate technical operations.
  3. Attractive content – the key on Facebook is to generate engaging content, while constantly reacting to others. Content is divided to personal life events and everyday occurrences on the one hand, and real estate specific material on the other hand. Whether you are using a regular profile or a business page. it is important to upload attractive content, preferably videos, photos and contests, on a regular basis – in order to reach out to your relevant community.
  4. Sponsored activities – Facebook today offers many avenues for promoted content – starting from a basic “like” campaign for your page, and evolving to promoting listings, specific content, PPC campaigns and much more. Facebook offers the advantage of segmenting the target audience in various ways – something that should be done professionally.

I would be happy to offer my assistance in any of these Facebook avenues – and much more!

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