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Google has become a super powerful tool for running your business, as you can harness the infinite abilities of Gmail, Google Apps, Google Drive and so on to maximize the online management of your operation.


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So how can I help you with Google?

  1. Gmail – there are many tricks and tips on various levels for Gmail users, ranging from simple branding, through managing labels and filters. and all the way to sophisticated Google labs applications. Would you like an automated response mail that is targeted to specific keywords or subjects in the incoming mail? Canned responses are just the thing for you – and so much more!
  2. Google Apps – a powerful world on its own, including the ability to manage your own domain, create e-mail boxes for different users @your-domain.com, and enjoy the mail interface of Gmail – all for a few Dollars a month.
  3. Google Drive – Manage and store all your data on a cloud, including the ability to share files and entire folders with other Google users, access the information from anywhere, and integrate everything with Google Docs, Sheets and calendar.
  4. Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics – if you own and operate a website, it is crucial to understand the backstage of the operation – traffic sources, website structure, XML sitemaps, keywords and much more. Google gives us so many tools and knowledge, and it is our responsibility to find the right person to track, analyze and act based on the information gathered.

I would be happy to assist you in any way I can throughout the endless world of Google!

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