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Perhaps the poster child for the Social Media frenzy, Twitter represents the essence of the phenomena – it definitely works as a powerful tool for creating awareness and disseminating information – but no one really knows how to strategically dominate it. One thing is certain: it is obviously a viable media that doesn’t demand too much investment from its users.


  • Twitter value for real estate agents
    How can a real estate professional gain any value from Twitter? Well, the definition of value may differ from one person to the other, but I believe it can be measured by the ability to brand yourself as the trusted advisor for a certain area or niche. This still doesn’t address the main question – …

So how can I help you with Twitter?

  1. Investing time and effort in Twitter is basically somewhat of a gamble – it can work amazingly well for some, and highly disappointing for others. The first challenge is of course to set up the account, find the right people to follow, and most importantly – get people to follow you.
    In order to achieve that we need to devise a clear strategy comprised of two avenues: firstly we need to make sure we follow the right people and communicate with them, as many people will follow in return as a courtesy (or if we ask them to…), and secondly we need to articulate a consistent content generation plan that will increase our number of followers.
  2. Using 3rd party applications, it is very easy to monitor the traffic on Twitter, define certain terms that may interest us, then respond each time one of these terms is brought up in conversation. The power of Twitter is in quick response to hot topics and mentions, yet doing that without disrupting our normal daily workday routine.
  3. Twitter has its own code of conduct, including the usage of hashtags, mentions, retweets and so on. It is important that we stay current with the lingo in order for us to maximize the potential of this unique tool – after all, it is already established that Twitter is where revolutions begin…

I would be glad to help in any way I can to promote your Twitter total power!

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