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WordPress seems to be the most powerful platform for quick setup of websites, both for the professional and amateur user. The decision to launch a site should not be taken lightly, as the greatest challenge is not the creation but rather the daily maintenance and content creation.


  • WordPress tips for beginners
    The desire to have your own website is highly understandable. It seems that every aspiring brand must have online presence, and real estate professionals are not exempt from this trend. However, the process of travelling from the idea of a website to its reality is quite often not seamless. Websites pose many challenges, including costs, …

So how can I help you with WordPress?

  1. Website strategy – before we dive into the complex world of website construction, we should lay down a very clear strategy as to the goals and benefits of the site. Are we looking for a site promoting the power of our brand, contributing to our name recognition with existing and potential customers? Is our goal lead generation, focusing on high valued sellers’ leads? Or maybe we aspire to create a real estate portal comprised of articles, news, tips and so on? The strategic decision filters down to website design, architecture and hierarchy, so we should definitely start there.
  2. Website or landing page – stemming from the strategy discussion, we may begin to wonder whether a full fledged website is actually necessary, or maybe we can achieve our immediate goals with a basic landing page. While landing pages are much cheaper and easier to create, there is still a lot of thinking behind the construction of an effective landing page that boasts a high conversion rate. There is a delicate balance between text and images, the ability to control and guide the way a user views the different elements, and the small touches that increase the probability of a generated lead.
  3. WordPress set-up – Setting up a self hosted WordPress website should be handled by someone with experience. The initial stages include locating a trustworthy hosting company, creating the necessary accounts. installing the updated WordPress version, and connecting the new site with a relevant domain via DNS settings. A real estate professional really shouldn’t waste valuable front office time on back office activities such as these, which have the potential of being both time consuming and frustrating…
  4. Website construction – A Worpress site is an ongoing adventure, with the ability to constantly upgrade the functionality via available plugins – both free and paid for. The site must remain up-to-date with every system release, every plugin update, and of course monitor one of the most important keywords of our era – UI/UX (user interface / user experience). Site statistics should be monitored via Google Analytics, site performance via Webmaster Tools – so as you can imagine, there’s always something to do.

I would welcome the opportunity to help you on this exciting journey!

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