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In the field of real estate, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video is clearly worth a thousand pictures! YouTube has become an essential tool for real estate professionals, both as a vehicle for marketing properties and as lead generation and general branding platform.


  • Video subjects ideas for real estate agents
    All the relevant statistics point in the same direction – video is becoming a crucial tool in the field of real estate. It’s not only its innate power to convey visual messages that are so natural when promoting houses for sale, but also the change in customer behavior, and the rise of video to the …

So how can I help you with YouTube?

  1. Before you create content, a strategy would be highly recommended. There are a few things we need to take into consideration – using the correct keywords and phrases so our videos would actually be found in relevant searches, choosing subjects that are interesting to our prospective viewership, and executing videos consistently and professionally. performing a keyword research can be tricky, as it needs to factor in not only popular searches, but also level of competition and frequency of usage, in order for us to define realistic goals. Once the research is done, we must implement a rigorous system of naming our videos, describing them and tagging them in a specific manner.
  2. Producing videos can be a time-consuming adventure, especially all post production activities. While I can’t shoot the video for you, there’s a lot of valuable time that can be saved via professional editing, expert uploading and naming, and using additional YouTube tricks, such as annotations, linking videos to each other or to your website, and so on.
  3. The challenge of YouTube keeps changing in accordance with our daring spirit – can we deliver higher level of content? Can we be coached into standing on-camera, talking freely about recently sold listings, giving a market analysis, or showing our newest listing? Can we find the comfort zone in front of the camera that will allow us to use genuine humor and open communication? And do we have a clear schedule of videos, where nothing is left to chance?

In all these issues and much more I would be ecstatic to help in any way I can!

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