Mission Statement

Gil Li-ran – My Mission Statement:

I appreciate very much the opportunity to share my mission statement with you. I believe that complete transparency is crucial in any working relations, so it is paramount for me that my motivation and commitment are clearly manifested.

My mission:
My business exists to influence and inspire real estate professionals to leave their mark on their industry, families and lives

My Vision:
I aspire to be a trusted source for cutting edge relevant content, and a catalyst for growth, passion & inspiration in the real estate industry

My values:
My business stands for total commitment, professional pride, the quest for excellence and resonant action

My beliefs:
I believe that everyone needs inspiration to live an exceptional life, and leave a mark greater than our physical existence

As a coach and trainer I base my approach on the combination of three fundamental pillars of action:

  1. Positive psychology – Everything we do together, whether it is a training seminar or personal coaching, will be founded on the heavily researched and well proven concepts of the power of positive thought, the creation of our own reality, and the celebration of happiness as a stepping stone on the road to success.
  2. Exceptional customer service – As a firm believer in differentiation through unique customer experience and the WOW effect, I will do everything and anything within my power to inspire a commitment to the extra mile, while providing the necessary tools, tips and methods for sustained excellence of service.
  3. Internet media savvy – The importance of the online world forces us all to pay attention to the way we let our voice be heard on the internet, and specifically on social media channels. I will put my knowledge and experience of that world at your service, so you could communicate productively and effectively with your clientage.

And above all, I believe that we are all driven by a relentless instinct to make our lives matter through memorable action, thus nothing will make me more content than seeing you Leave.Your.Mark!!