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My professional mission is simple and pure – to influence and inspire real estate professionals to leave their mark on their industry, families and lives. And I whole-heartedly believe that an in-depth coaching process can revolutionize the trajectory of your business.

I would be honored to be your coach, and this is what I offer:

  1. A free 60 minutes introduction coaching session – calibrating mutual expectations, charting the road ahead, getting to know each other.
  2. The POWER plan – a pre-defined set of coaching sessions, 60 minutes once every two weeks, for a determined period of time.
  3. The FREEDOM plan – no pre-defined number of sessions – we decide as we progress how many sessions we require. The format remains 60 minutes per session, once every two weeks, pay as you go, no commitment.
  4. MARKET MASTER certification – this high-end plan will not only coach you, but also certify you as a Market Master trainer, which in many ways allows you to gain the knowledge and ability to mentor and coach yourself. Learn more about Market Masterclick here.

We can use Skype, Viber, Tango, Whatsapp or whatever media we find productive for our coaching sessions. In order to ease the process, we gravitate towards free of charge media.

We can change anything to suit our needs – the length of sessions, the frequency of sessions – I am here to accommodate your desires and growth.

My recommendation:
The POWER plan requires commitment for a minimum number of sessions – mentally & financially. This commitment, while possibly scary, is actually very conducive to a successful coaching process. As you will find out, the process can be challenging and even tough – sometimes the commitment helps us face our challenges and overcome adversity.

Contact me directly to discuss the pricing. Just as a heads-up, naturally the POWER plan is cheaper on a per meeting basis, due to the commitment, than the FREEDOM plan. Beyond that, let’s talk and find out if we can begin the journey together!

What should be expected?
I believe in action-driven mentoring that should be tested with real, viable results. we are going to identify your mental map and chart the best way moving forward in a long-term sustainable way. To get yourself started, please take this important test – you need to create an account for free to complete this survey. Send me the results if you wish!

Click here for interesting real estate coaching articles


  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 14
    Persistence is persuasion This is your final commission closing technique that allows you to demonstrate your skills as a masterful sales person, while insisting on your fair payment in a charming but powerful manner. This technique is absolute game changer, but you must practice it to perfection in order to boost your confidence when using …
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 13
    Cheap agent, cheap house We all know that what costs less is usually worth less, so the question is whether the customer prefers to go over the perceived budget, or go under the desired expectations. It is our responsibility to reflect this classic choice to our sellers, using various metaphors.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 12
    Personal history Customers are not afraid to spend money – they go over budget quite often in life – they are afraid of making mistakes and wrong decisions. This script reinforces the seller’s confidence based on a personal history of decision-making.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 11
    Visual demonstration Everybody want to pay less, until they understand the ramifications of paying less, and how that would translate into less money in their own pockets – and that’s why we need to master this technique.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 10
    The Exclusive contract length objection Many customers try to negotiate down the length of the exclusive contract. remember 2 things – 1, you already sold them on the exclusive concept – so good work!! 2, they are trying to hedge their risk, so work on the level of confidence in their choice (of you).
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 9
    Exclusive listing – excellent agent Using the boomerang objections handling technique, we can establish with our seller that what benefits the agent actually benefits the client even more.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 8
    The 3 questions An exclusive agreement irrationally, but understandably, scares quite a few sellers. This technique allows to release the fears and focus on rational decision-making, which leads to a signed contract.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 7
    The special offer A killer objection handling technique to counter-balance the fear of commitment that so many sellers naturally have when seriously considering signing an exclusive agreement.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 6
    Open vs. exclusive In many countries the market is not educated enough about the value of exclusive listings, so many owners gravitate towards open listings. It is OUR responsibility to educate our sellers and get the exclusive listing.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 5
    Getting the exclusive So you’ve just finished an amazing listing presentation, and guess what? It’s not enough… Now it’s time to actually get the exclusive listing signed, using the best possible script – a script that sets the tone for a win-win relationship between you and your sellers.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 4
    Negotiations Many agents know that negotiation skills are one of the most crucial services provided by an exclusive real estate professional to the seller, therefore you should be able to present this add value in the best possible way.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 3
    Working with buyers This is truly the knock-out of the listing presentation. You want many exclusive listings? This is the script you have to memorize to perfection!!
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 2
    Marketing Action Plan An impressive listing presentation usually includes our marketing plan for the property – and we must know how to deliver that part eloquently and accurately in a very convincing way.
  • Market Master CYCLE 14 – day 1
    3 Power Phrases A listing presentation should begin by establishing trust and generating interest. So after building rapport and actually seeing the property, before we start qualifying or presenting – it’s time for the 3 power phrases.
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  • 4 levels of leadership in real estate
    There is an interesting uniqueness to the real estate industry based on the fact that most operators in the field are independent contractors. It is not their legal standing that makes things intriguing, but rather their mental freedom and sense of responsibility that pose a challenge to office owners and managers. And maybe the challenge …
  • 5 quick tips for a powerful mind
    I firmly believe that true coaching is focused mainly on the mental aspect of running a business. Don’t get me wrong, skills are very important and should be practiced incessantly, but mastering skills does not guarantee success. Far from it. Some of the most highly skilled people I have met were unable to sustain success …
  • The SPAR system for real estate mastery
    Learning new skills is always fun and quite possibly rewarding personally and financially, except for one thing – the need for repeated practice. Like many children, I too wanted to master a musical instrument, with dreams of conquering world stages with my rock band. So my parents bought me a guitar and found a great …

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Market Master – CYCLE 14

Your complete workout for more exclusive listings!! Before you do anything – watch this video: What is CYCLE 14? As the name suggests, a cycle of 14 short scripts & techniques targeted at getting more exclusive listings, to be practiced daily (one script per day) towards mastery. How to workout CYCLE 14? Start on a …

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