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Power Mentor

Power Mentor – Everything you need to know

(Growth. Happiness. Success)

What is Power Mentor training?

There are several challenges that every real estate office faces, anywhere around the world:

  • How to coach new agents and increase the percentage of survival & success?
  • How to mentor existing agents into higher productivity and better results?
  • How to increase the probability of retaining top producing agents?

And all these challenges can be summarized into the need to know how to REALLY help your agents – how to handle adversity, how to handle personal meetings, how to run staff meetings and much more.

Power Mentor is here to provide you with exactly these answers.

Why Power Mentor?

The program is founded on the proven principles of Positive Psychology, and cover the full office experience – from the usage of uniform, inspirational language, through diverse processes of overcoming challenges and crises, and all the way to advanced metrics and accountability systems.

The training program was developed over more than one year by Gil Li-ran, utilizing the benefits of more than 9 years of real estate experience and 15+ years of general training experience.

Where & how?

The training can run in your region, for a minimum of 2 full days, with the option of adding a third full day. The training covers the entire necessary content, while using classroom simulations and group work to validate and implement the mentoring capabilities.

It is recommended to continue an online coaching process with Gil Li-ran LYM (for the mentors) – as it allows for better implementation and practical usage.

Who is Power Mentor training for?

Office owners, regional owners, broker owners, office managers, team leaders, trainers – and everyone who wishes to make a difference in the lives of other people.

What will you gain by completing Power Mentor?

  • A clear vision of the correct language to use in coaching
  • Detailed plans for personal meetings that include accountability & measurement systems, goal setting techniques and much more
  • Clear methodologies for handling adversity, acquiring new habits, overcoming obstacles and increasing mental strength
  • Extensive knowledge on how to run staff meetings full of focus, energy and direction
  • An increased sense of confidence as a leader, trainer, coach and mentor that will radiate around the office
  • Hopefully, a much happier life!

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