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Internet Support

The internet has become, as we all know, one of the main avenues for lead generation and brand recognition – for big and small businesses alike. However, the infinite world wide web poses many challenges, some technical, some practical, and some relating to time management.
My experience in the field of real estate has taught that many agents and brokers wisely outsource much of their internet presence, enabling to focus their time on their strengths – face-to-face interactions, customer service, and of course – listing and selling houses.
I have spent countless hours working with real estate professionals on various facets of their online presence, ranging from social media strongholds such as Facebook and Youtube, through business management with Google, and all the way to blogs and websites.
I offer the same service to you, in one of four different scenarios:
1. Social media – set up (customizing and designing your presence on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Linkedin)
2. Social media – set up + maintenance (scenario 1 + monthly maintenance, content integration, updates and so on)
3. Total package – setup (scenario 1 + WordPress based site or blog)
4. Total package – set up + maintenance (scenario 2 + WordPress based site or blog)
And if you require something additional – if I can do it, it will happen!

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