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Personal Coaching

In the sometimes roller-coaster world of real estate, I firmly believe that personal coaching is highly conducive to achieving and maintaining success as a professional agent or broker.
My services as a personal coach can include several variations, ranging from a weekly 60 minutes conversation to a monthly 90 minutes conversation.
The topics covered by my coaching are quite flexible according to your needs, but will usually include:
1. General introduction to your business
2. Setting goals and expectations for the coaching process
3. Analyzing your business as is, and creating an action plan for the next year
4. Focusing on the main aspects to be improved – business planning, lead generation, marketing, sales skills, differentiating and branding, internet domination, customer service and retention, expansion and growth, and much more
5. Reflecting progress and challenges
6. Very important – working on mental toughness, motivation and determination
There is no minimum commitment to the coaching program – you stay on it only if you feel progress and improvement. However, I do recommend committing yourself to at least 3 months, as many processes may take time to take effect.

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