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Seminars & events

There is a unique power to a carefully organized and well executed seminar or event. The ability to reach a large amount of people simultaneously, the energy of a big crowd, the effect on motivation and implementation – all these are hard to replicate in other scenarios.
Ranging from 60-90 minutes long quick seminars and all the way to full day events, I offer my services to your organization. I have been fortunate enough to accumulate substantial experience on various stages around the world, speaking to as many as 1,000 participants.
Whether you are looking for practical trainings focused on skills and behaviors, or prefer a strong motivational session targeting the mental aspects of the business, I’m positive you could find the appropriate content in the list of my offerings. It is important to know that I dedicate time to learn all I can about your business and needs, thus I’m able to tailor my seminars & events to the ears of your audience.
Every educational seminar or event is at its core a sales meeting – selling methods, best practices, codes, norms and behaviors. I would be honored to perform this service for you.

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