Twitter value for real estate agents

How can a real estate professional gain any value from Twitter? Well, the definition of value may differ from one person to the other, but I believe it can be measured by the ability to brand yourself as the trusted advisor for a certain area or niche. This still doesn’t address the main question – why Twitter? We can reach big audiences with traditional social media like Facebook, and Instagram has a similar interface to Twitter (based on followers) but with the added value of pictures, so why would anyone either follow me on Twitter, or bother to consume my content?

I would like to tackle that from the perspective of a follower. I am a diehard Yankees fan – I read 3 blogs daily, 2 newspapers, and consume everything in pinstripes. The reason is I just really want to know everything that goes on with the team, especially during high traffic periods, such as prior to the trade deadline in July, or the off-season. So I follow quite a few beat writers and baseball analysts on Twitter, and I check Twitter everyday for their tweets. Why? Because I know these guys are excellent content AGGREGATORS. And that’s the key tem here. We are all aware of our limited ability to find and reach all the content that is important to us online. However, we look for specialists who can present all the needed information to us, aggregated, and based on various media outlets that we are oblivious to.

So when I follow guys like Buster Olney, Joel Sherman or Jon Heyman, I know they will generate for me everything I need to know. They will quote or retweet every article, every rumor, every quote, necessary for me to feel that I’m on top of my beloved Yankees.

And this is exactly what you should use Twitter for – become the ultimate content aggregator for real estate news for your geo-farm or niche of properties. Deliver the news that are easy for you to reach, and share those synthesized news with your followers. The value you create should revolve around the feeling of up-to-datedness and comfort with your followers. They would take the time to check their account at least once a day to see whether you generated for them something new and relevant to know – something that feeds their natural interest in real estate, and more specifically – in their own real estate.