Video subjects ideas for real estate agents

All the relevant statistics point in the same direction – video is becoming a crucial tool in the field of real estate. It’s not only its innate power to convey visual messages that are so natural when promoting houses for sale, but also the change in customer behavior, and the rise of video to the top of content consumption charts. People are definitely getting used to looking for answers and information via video.

For a real estate professional to get into the video game, the challenge is not only technical. Content, and particularly consistent content, is definitely a challenge. In the next few lines I would like to suggest to you certain topics for videos that can be routinely executed, and keep your YouTube channel alive and interesting.

A. Listing videos (For Sale) – this is the most obvious idea, but let’s elaborate:

  1. Simple presentation – choose 15-20 photos of the listing and edit them in a simple presentation style video, most likely dissolving one into the other. Give each photo around 3-4 seconds, accompany with titles describing the different rooms and features, and add narration and/or music (make sure you use royalty free music, which you can download here). You can use the free Windows Movie Maker to create a video like this.
  2. On-camera intro & closing – bookend the simple presentation with a video of yourself standing on camera and giving a quick overview of the listing to begin with, add a call-to-action as a closing. You must convey your enthusiasm for the listing and the opportunity it presents to the buyers.
  3. On-camera tour – use live camera footage featuring you presenting the different rooms and features. Place the camera on a tripod in each room, then present its advantages. This is a great format to stress the living experience that the house offers – make it real ,as if you’re actually using the rooms, and make it humorous and energetic. This is the most complex listing video option to produce, but it also has the highest added value.

B. Recently sold report – stand on camera, whether in a quiet room, while driving or standing in front of the relevant listings, and talk for no more than 120 seconds about houses that were recently sold in the area (or specific property niche). Not all listings had to have been sold by you, but the ones (or one) you did actually sell – tell it like a story. Describe the people who sold the house, how they met you, what was the sale process like, how did it feel to conclude it. Let the human side of the story shine through.

C. Market status update – at least once a month, dedicate no more than 120 seconds to a quick overview of your market – go over all the listings that were added to the market (in total, not just the ones you represent) and break them down by different common denominators – size, number of rooms, asking price and so on. Talk about houses that were taken off them market – either sold or cancelled and expired, and summarize by discussing trends and interesting facts (for example: “We can see a 20% increase in inventory of 3 bedroom apartment, as opposed to a 15% drop in that of 4 bedroom apartments”).

D. Real estate news and tips – share with your audience the vast professional knowledge you have, video some practical tips for home sellers and buyers, and inform everyone when important real estate related news occur.

E. Mission statement – in many countries, people seem to be a bit suspicious of real estate agents. In many cases this knee-jerk reaction is not warranted, yet it still exists. Suspicious people always look for an angle, a catch, a sales trick they missed – which leads of course to objections. What if you were able to send all your potential customers, perhaps a day before you met them for a listing presentation, an introductory video covering the most important points about you? It is easy to do – simply talk on-camera about the following: why did you get into the business, what makes you happiest in your work, what is important to you when you deal with customers, what are your values and beliefs and so on. This video is a one time production that can serve you forever.

F. Testimonials – a written letter of recommendation is a great tribute of appreciation and you should be very proud of each one you receive. However, there one thing better than a letter – a video of recommendation, or as it is called – a testimonial. Not all of your clients would play along, and that’s ok – but if you are able to videotape at least a few customers who have had the pleasure of enjoying your service and are willing to spread the word on tape – that would be a huge triumph. Imagine yourself launching a follow up campaign featuring a drip of videos, all featuring past satisfied clients. Is there anything more powerful than that?

If we take just these 6 topics, which definitely do not represent the entire topic list, we already have a clear schedule that will have us making videos around once a week every week. And that’s a great rhythm!