Training Videos for real estate professionals

I believe in sharing knowledge, and not so much in intellectual property, so feel free to scroll down this page, choose a category, and hone your skills through 100% free videos.
I try to enrich this reservoir of videos as much as possible, so if you have any ideas or requests, I will be happy to oblige!

Handling Objections

Objections are an integral part of the sales process, especially when the relationship with our future client is not yet established. While it is clearly preferable to create relationship-based interactions with our customers, a good salesperson must know how to handle objections, and even more so in the industry of real estate, where the nature …

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Listing Presentations

Listing presentations is where we really get tested – can we build rapport? Can we solidify a relationship with the sellers? Can we illustrate our unique advantages and create a real need for our services? These videos are here to help!!

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Mental Power

The secret of super successful real estate professionals is actually not in what they do, but rather in how they think. The ability to maintain and sustain a powerful mind is a crucial step in the direction of market dominance.

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Pricing is an art form that has to be mastered by any real estate professional aspiring for success. From basic market knowledge, through competitive market analyses, and all the way to price reductions – can you really be a successful agent without profound knowledge of pricing?

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A sustainable business invests in attracting customers and getting the word out. In a personal business such as real estate, your personal promotion is worth gold and can generate substantial traffic. Watch these videos to get some cool marketing tips and ideas.

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Digital tricks & tips

Real estate professionals can (and should) use for their benefit quite a few tricks and tips that the online world presents for their business. These videos interact directly with the cool websites section, where you can learn more about each of these platforms, beyond a simple tutorial video. Enjoy!

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