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Handling Objections

Objections are an integral part of the sales process, especially when the relationship with our future client is not yet established. While it is clearly preferable to create relationship-based interactions with our customers, a good salesperson must know how to handle objections, and even more so in the industry of real estate, where the nature of the service is not always familiar to our sellers and buyers.

Exclusivety objections - The special offer

Exclusivety objections - The three questions

Exclusivity objections - Fright or delight

Exclusivity objections - exclusive listing, excellent agent

Exclusivity objections - The double choice scenario

Commission objections - visual demonstration

commission objections - Investment house analogy

commission objections - Cheap agent, cheap house

commission objections - Personal history analogy

Commission objections - Eliminate the risk

commission objections - The doctor / lawyer analogy

commission objections - Persistence is persuasion

closing objections - The reverse challenge

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