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Listing Presentations

Listing presentations is where we really get tested – can we build rapport? Can we solidify a relationship with the sellers? Can we illustrate our unique advantages and create a real need for our services? These videos are here to help!!

The Definitive Demand Report - for listing presentations

The Demand Analysis Tool - for listing presentations

Three power phrases for listing presentations

The advantages of exclusive listings vs open listings

Setting up a killer listing presentation - Gil Li-ran

Six steps to the KNOCK-OUT listing presentation!

Listing presentation tip #1 The robot mind

Listing presentation tip #2 Just have fun!

Listing presentation tip #3 Practice practice!

Listing presentation tip #4 Burn the ships

Listing presentation tip #5 Be the best

Introducing our MAP in a listing presentation

Negotiation skills in a listing presentation

Asking and getting the exclusive listing signed

Follow up - innovative techniques to get out of the follow up box!!

Follow up - the right state of mind