WordPress tips for beginners

The desire to have your own website is highly understandable. It seems that every aspiring brand must have online presence, and real estate professionals are not exempt from this trend. However, the process of travelling from the idea of a website to its reality is quite often not seamless. Websites pose many challenges, including costs, maintenance, relevance and much more.

One of the better platforms, if not the best, to enter the online world is WordPress. There are many advantages to this platform, and one that comes immediately to mind is that it can take care of your needs all the way from an amateur website to a top-notch professional website. Everyone is looking for the cheapest, or even completely free way to build a website – but at the end of the day, high performance costs money. I have been working with WordPress for many years, and I can recommend it to the full spectrum of users with all my heart (though WordPress doesn’t really need my recommendation…)

A few tips for beginners:

  • Retain flexibility – you know why you decided to launch a website, but you never what you might use it for in the future. Even if right now your needs are very modest and can be covered, in your opinion, by a free or super cheap platform – the ability to constantly grow and improve is paramount to your online success. It’s OK to have limited and focused goals for your site, but please retain the flexibility to expand in the future – you will thank me later… And WordPress always allows you to improve and revolutionize your site as you wish.
  • Self-hosted WordPress.org – WordPress offers a free version, but you should opt for the self-hosted version. In order to do that you will need to set up a hosting account with a monthly fee with a supplier such as Hostgator (they’re great by the way). Most hosting suppliers have a 1-click installation ready for WordPress, but you could probably use some help setting up your website on the host’s server. This is a one time operation, and money well spent, as you gain complete control of your WordPress site, and the ability to upgrade the server for better performance and speed.
  • Why WordPress.org? – is a self-hosted site easier to set up? Not at all. But the benefits are huge. First we must mention the gift of plugins. Your WordPress content management interface allows you download plugins from the infinite variety available that can do pretty much anything you want. You have your SEO plugins, Caching, backup, security, images and videos and so much more. Many plugins are free, some cost money, and they provide you with endless possibilities.
  • Professional help – As I was starting with WordPress, brimming with confidence, I crashed my websites twice and had to contact my host’s support team to revive the damage I did… So my most important tip for you is this – use a tech savvy assistant as you venture into the world of WordPress. From the initial host set up, through the actual design of the site, to the daily maintenance of new posts and articles – if you are short on time or confidence, get someone to be there for you.

You can enjoy your WordPress site for many years, reveling in its superior SEO, easy upgrades and professional UI/UX (that’s User Interface User Experience) – just make sure you tread carefully!!